Mabel Plus

Non Laser Energy Based Devices

Mabel Plus Tri Polar Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

MABEL PLUS is a third generation radio frequency machine that tightens and lifts skin while draining and shrinking fat cells. Treatment is pain free, involves no down time and results are visible after one session.

MABEL PLUS RF technology focuses deep heat to the collagen layer causing existing collagen to contract for an immediate improvement and skin tightening effect. Over the long-term, this heating accelerates metabolism to augment generation of new collagen fibers – for a tighter, smoother, more contoured appearance and texture.


  • Optimized for skin tightening and cellulite treatment/ fat reduction
  • Results within 3 times of treatment
  • Safe and effective
  • Long term and natural results
  • Versatile and mobile
  • Easy and user-friendly LCD touch screen.