Dermatology & Aesthetic

Pixel CO2

Dermatology & Aesthetic

Alma Pixel CO2 is a highly flexible system for char-free tissue ablation, vaporization, excision, incision and coagulation of soft tissue. It allows physicians full control of treatment parameters, including level and depth of ablation and thermal control via pulse duration and mode of energy delivery. This versatility maximizes precision and treatment results while minimizing unnecessary tissue damage.

The platform also extends its use for Gynecology, Otolaryngology (ENT) and other medical fields using advanced, breakthrough applicators.


  • Multiple dermatological and cosmetic surgery indications
  • Versatile applicators for targeted procedures
  • Adjustable treatment patterns
  • Exclusive non-ablative mode
  • Unique Pixel technology
  • Safe for delicate areas
  • Precise & Fast treatment

Modes of Operation

The CO2 laser system offers 4 modes of energy delivery:

  1. CW Mode (Continuous Wave):
    Emits one continuous and consistent laser energy, typically used for excision or cutting.
  2. Pulse Mode (Single pulse):
    Produces a single pulse of laser energy for more supervised and accurate energy delivery.
  3. Repeat Mode:
    Produces a series of either short or long pulses of laser energy at variable speeds.
  4. Super Pulse Mode:
    Super pulse mode provides the highest peak power with the shortest pulse duration, enabling the deepest penetration with minimal residual thermal damage. This mode is designed for performing ablation without inflammation and achieves highly effective results with minimal downtime and enhanced patient comfort.