Alma Beauty Remove


Alma Beauty Remove is a highly effective laser hair removal solution

Using an 810 nm “gold standard” diode laser, REMOVE is the world’s best-selling laser hair removal technology, found in over 5,300 clinics worldwide.

Laser hair removal is a high-end, professional-grade hair removal method and is among the most effective treatments in the industry for achieving smooth and beautiful hair-free skin.

The combination of Alma’s 810 nm diode laser with patented SHR™ technology makes REMOVE the safest, most reliable and most effective laser hair removal solution available today.

The laser system comes with SPEED™ applicator which half the treatment time. This applicator enable more treatment sessions in less time with a large 2 cm spot size applicator, allowing quick treatment for larger areas, making the treatment fast and most effective.

Remove’s unique facial tip makes hard to reach areas more accessible, including the ears, nostrils and between eyebrows.


  • 8 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • Portable system, for maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Intuitive, user friendly 15.6” colour touch screen
  • Easy to operate, with a quick learning curve
  • Dual mode – SHR™ and HR modes
  • No consumables, no pulse limits or operating costs, yielding a high ROI